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Prof. Dr-Ing. For the examinations that have yet to be completed, we wish you success. We laid down extensive and appropriate measures at the beginning of the lockdown in October. On Wednesday evening, the federal and state governments announced sweeping measures to contain the massive increase in the number of new COVID-19 infections here in Germany. Sparrenburg Castle Sparrenburg Castle is Bielefeld’s most popular landmark and is always worth visiting. That said, we have taken this worrisome development as an opportunity to reevaluate our strategy for the upcoming lecture period of the 2020/2021 Winter Semester, which will begin shortly. The limitations of this planning will be determined by room capacities, as significantly fewer people can now be allowed per room. In Quarantäne befinden sich aktuell 526 Personen, das sind 85 mehr als am Vortag. The current situation requires drastic measures at our university, and these also apply particularly to the field of teaching. Registrations will be collected and coordinated there before being forwarded to the central room allocation office. Update: on a case-by-case basis, employees may arrange with their supervisor to work at their normal university workplace if this is desired due to particularities of the employee’s home situation. Where operationally necessary or technical requirements are lacking, they still work at the university, but then in individual offices. In-person events and gatherings continue to be prohibited. The ‘Ordinance on the management of the challenges posed to higher education by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 crisis (Corona Epidemic University Ordinance)’, which came into force on 17 April, has introduced regulations that affect higher education directly. At the same time, however, we now know more about the Coronavirus and based on this knowledge, we can now begin selectively reopening parts of the university. Die Stadt Bielefeld und das Robert-Koch-Institut melden am Sonntag 74 Corona-Neuinfektionen für Bielefeld. The University Library remains open in reduced basic operation mode. The start of the winter semester 2020/21 has been postponed to November 1, 2020 for newly enrolled students; for all other students, the latest available information is that it will probably start on October 26, 2020, with a corresponding extension of the semester into February 2021. The currently valid opening hours are: Monday to Friday from 6.45 to 20.00. You can be sure that we shall keep your legitimate concerns in mind during all this. In the ‘Ordinance on the management of the challenges posed to higher education by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 crisis (Corona Epidemic University Ordinance)’, which came into force this week, regulations have been introduced that affect higher education directly. Teaching will remain largely digital. This does not apply to academic working group meetings involving the participation of external academics who travel to Bielefeld University for this purpose. First of all: We find ourselves in a predicament: on the one hand, we have to take as far-reaching measures as possible to reduce the risk of transmission from the point of view of society as a whole; on the other hand, we must ensure that the university can continue to function as well as possible. We shall keep you informed about all developments. The 2020/2021 Winter Semester will soon begin, and it is our hope that you will approach this new semester with confidence. Despite all the challenges, we wish you a good start to the summer semester in this exceptional time. The strategy chosen by many our highly committed instructors, but also administrative staff and students, has been to work at the limits of what is possible in order to ensure that university operations have continued to run smoothly. final examination in a Master's programme, oral examination for a doctoral degree, last examination before the transition to “Referendariat”). nur Donnerstags 09.30 Uhr - 10.30 Uhr Der Barkassenschalter befindet sich links neben dem Infopunkt Student work stations at the university, including work areas in the library, will not be available for use starting from the 16th of December. Students should make sure that their email address is registered and activated in the electronic course catalogue (eKVV). To enable students to access the software packages installed on these PCs, the University IT-service (BITS) offers the possibility to access these PCs from outside the University. We thank you for your understanding. Three of our international researchers take you on a short video trip through the university and the city with its mix of old and new as well as urban culture and nature. Where this is not possible under the given conditions, courses must be postponed to the semester break or the following semester. On Sunday (13 December 2020), the federal and state governments agreed on a lockdown through the end of the year and into early 2021. A team headed by the chancellor will continue to assess the situation on a daily basis. And it is also only with your cooperation that we can prevent having to return to full online instruction. Information on the UniCard and how you can order it easily can be found here: . The previous procedure for collecting data in seminar rooms and at the learning locations will be retained independently of this. This will be communicated separately. Pregnant students are required to contact the AGUS staff unit. I am also aware that many of you are being very committed during this time. Registration is therefore mandatory for employees. The PC rooms of the University IT-services (BITS) remain closed, also in the faculties. Only the main library entrances D1 and U1 in the main university building and the departmental libraries in building X are open. We kindly ask for your patience while we resolve these matters. I. Organisatorisches. More specific information on contact tracking will be available in the next organisational decree. We continue to request that they follow the appeal of the state government. Bielefeld has also now passed the threshold of 200 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, thus making it an ‘extreme hotspot’. We hope that you had a relaxing and enjoyable semester break despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Bielefeld University has developed sophisticated hygiene concepts for its restricted operation mode and coordinated these with the local health authority. Gerhard Sagerer      Prof. Dr Birgit Lütje-Klose, Rector                                           Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching. Please remember to keep 1.5 meters distance from others and to wear a face mask when inside buildings. Dezember zunächst nur zwischen 340 und 400 Impfdosen zur Verfügung stehen. As of today, the following applies: The state has postponed the start of the semester to April 20. Hygienic measures will continue to remain in place. Bielefeld University is making every effort to set up secure conditions for also carrying out examinations in electronic form. Frühestens im Wintersemester 2020/2021 rechnet die Unileitung wieder mit einem regulären Semesterstart und … August, Bielefeld University will use scanners that can be operated free of contact. All service units of the university can now be reached only by email or telephone. Nonetheless, one thing is important: children are not allowed to come to the university. Please contact your Dean of Studies or ekvv representative. Zellbiolog*innen der Universität Bielefeld haben nun mit mehreren Kooperationspartnern in einer Studie ein Verfahren entwickelt, das rund zehnmal schneller ein Ergebnis liefert. In principle, the university buildings may be entered only through the officially opened entrances (see above). However, much is still unresolved. This digital communication entails a great deal of screen time and the feeling of being reachable around the clock, both of which can also be very challenging. In-person events and gatherings continue to be prohibited. This applies to everybody (employees, students, guests, employees of external companies, etc.) Despite all the challenges, we wish you a good lecture period in this special semester. In the lecture halls, air is circulated through the ventilation system. Both the examiners and those to be examined must expressly agree to carry out the examination. In addition, we will be gradually re-opening the university library: from July 1st   there will be extended hours of operation, and from August 1st students will be able to use some of the library workspaces. As we previously shared with you, a room for students to work in was already set up in each of the university faculties. In many cases, students have (significantly) more written assignments, which in turn have to be responded to and graded by instructors. We shall be able to tell you shortly how and until when you can do this via the university's mailing list and social media channels. As the semester is taking place largely online, is it also possible for occasional students to attend courses? As soon as the major decisions have been made, we shall be able to address your individual questions. A comprehensive hygiene protection concept for large examination formats is currently being developed with the local health authority. Es wurden mehrere Fälle in Bielefeld bestätigt. Where this is not possible under the given conditions, courses will be postponed until the semester break or the following semester. In the lecture halls, air is circulated through the ventilation system. Today, the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia also stipulated that presence-based teaching at institutions of higher learning may no longer take place from Wednesday, 16 December 20202 until Sunday, 10 January 2021, as part of the current Corona Protection Ordinance NRW. They can also still be reached online or by telephone. In-person exams are also generally not permitted. We will keep you updated on all further measures and regulations. If I need to look after a child under the age of 18, will I be eligible for a hardship claim so that instead of a written exam I can do coursework? Despite all the challenges, we wish you a continued good lecture period in this special semester and we shall inform you about all further measures and regulations in a timely manner. In the past weeks, we have become acquainted with the model of “reduced basic operations,” which went into effect with the Organisationsverfügung (Organizational Decree) on March 23. Even if this cannot always be realized in full, our efforts should be directed towards replacing internships, experiments, field trips, or visits to the archives with equivalent, contact-free arrangements wherever possible. Dear employees, On 26 February – in response to first cases in NRW and a worsening international situation – the Chancellor Dr Stephan Becker set up a team to review the situation at the university. During this time, on-site presence of technical and administration services must be reduced to the necessary minimum. As a precautionary measure and to prevent a possible spread of the disease, all public events of the university will be cancelled by 30 April. People from the Warendorf district will also be able to re-enter the university. We are therefore of the opinion that presence-based instruction will generally remain possible within the specified guidelines. Mit diesen Portionen soll die Aufbereitung und die Verimpfung getestet werden. Hence, in addition to the online formats mentioned, these can include text work, independent research in the sense of ‘problem-based learning’, telephone conferences in working groups, and so forth. This is especially true for large classes of over 50 people. By the beginning of July, our aim is to have determined just what this kind of mixed semester will be, which course formats it will affect, and under which conditions courses and events will be able to be held. The regulations on the maximum extension of deadlines has been suspended. We are aware that this change will pose considerable challenges for you—both organizationally and didactically—and we would like to thank you expressly for your commitment to providing our students with good seminars and courses even during this time when they are unable to attend in person. The increased workload resulting from the switch to digital teaching formats - especially for teachers with high teaching loads - can be countered by dividing and offering larger learning groups in parallel. If an infected student is present on the university campus, this registration policy will enable the health authorities to perform much more precise contact tracing. Volkmer M, Werner K (Eds); X-Texte zu Kultur und Gesellschaft . laboratory internships), examinations and work for final examinations in laboratories as necessary. The experience we have gained will also make it possible to make adjustments to our policies. For theses, an email with a digital file of the final thesis (which matches the printed version) must be sent to the responsible examination office as well as to the examiners. The lecture period ends on February 12th, 2021. Covid-19). In Bielefeld werden zum Start der Impfungen gegen Corona am 27. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for a start date to accept emergency funding applications. Liebe Lehrende, liebe Studierende, Bund und Länder haben am Sonntag (13.12.2020) für den Jahreswechsel den Lockdown beschlossen. in view of the dynamic development in the spread of the coronavirus, the Ministry of Culture and Science NRW, in agreement with the universities and universities of applied sciences, has decided to postpone the start of lectures for the 2020 summer semester until April 20. You can also get more information from each of your instructors. An exception exists for those who are exempted for medical reasons (with a doctor’s note), as well as for those participating in practical sport courses, laboratory work, music instruction, etc., or while working at student workstations. We have switched to trust-based working hours here. II part II, Routledge: New York 2020, 351-59. From the very beginning, the Rectorate has aimed to provide you with transparent and timely information. As you already know, there will not be a full return to presence-based university operations during the 2020/2021 Winter Semester. We have already been responding to the crisis systematically since the end of January and have successively modified and scaled back our operations. During this time the work is done from the home office. Your university aims to offer you a summer semester that is as full and adequate as possible starting April 20, 2020. In the last few days, it has become very clear how massively the so called second wave is hitting us all. There are some areas in which this is not completely possible (e.g. We hope you have had a relaxing and pleasant summer break. The same goes for you and your departments: regulations must be regularly reviewed and updated. Social distancing rules also still apply. We remain confident that our hygiene and safety strategies are also suitable and sufficient for the current situation. (Amendment of 13.03. This also applies particularly to the field of teaching and thus to one of our core tasks. In general, researchers should work from home. Based on the Corona Protection Ordinance, the following will apply starting today: From 16 December 20202 – 10 January 2021, in-person teaching may not be held, including any laboratory internships, sports practices, or presence-based examinations. Another idea would be to reduce the number of in-person courses held. We have taken this into account with an updated organizational decision which will be valid as of today. The semester tickets can still be used, public transport is still in operation. The current regulations for reduced operations can be found here. Researchers must also work from Home Office as a general rule. It is therefore important to provide all our employees with the greatest possible degree of care and protection. Nonetheless, much still remains to be done. Find out more... Attractions. They have many questions. The following regulations and measures are particularly important for you as a student: Teaching and examinations in the current summer semester. If you are working in university facilities, workplace design regulations must also be observed. We can only offer our students a very limited range of courses in the coming semester. Many are currently experiencing great anxiety and are worried not only about their own health and that of their relatives but also about the further planning of their academic qualifications, research, and teaching. An exception applies for those who are exempted for medical reasons (with a doctor’s note), as well as for those participating in practical sport courses, laboratory work, music instruction, etc. Despite these challenges, we wish you a successful semester and thank you again for your cooperation and commitment. The library and the cafeteria have their own registration procedures. To date, the general goal has been to allow approximately half of all staff members in service and administration to be present on site. This number is stored on the device with a time stamp and transferred once a day to a password-protected directory. Stricter rules are now in force throughout the entire city. These must be postponed or, when possible, replaced with digital formats. In der Stadt Bielefeld gibt es acht Corona-Tote. To the best of our knowledge, the Ministry will also soon be issuing new regulations so that examinations can be carried out in a manner adapted to the present situation. We wish you and your family happy holidays. Meetings and committee sessions will be held via video conference. The infopunkt [information centre], Studierendensekretariat [Student Office], Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB), support desk in the BITS, and the examination offices will again, to a limited extent, be open to the public. Student work areas are not accessible. In light of the current situation, however, and with regard to the urgent calls to reduce social contact from Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Minister Presidents of the federal states, we are recommending that you switch from in-person teaching to digital instruction. Student work stations, such as those in the University Library and the University Hall, remain available until further notice. On May 12, 2020, on the basis of the Corona Epidemic Higher Education Ordinance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Rectorate issued the attached. Making new plans on short notice entails, unfortunately, additional work for you. Nonetheless, digital tools can basically complement established teaching formats. Further information is available at GO Out. In case of doubt, please consult your supervisor. We are calling upon you to do your part. The start of the winter semester 2020/21 has been set as November 1, 2020 for newly enrolled students. Zum zweiten Mal nach der Premiere 2010 erweitert der Infopunkt der Universität Bielefeld zum Semesterstart vorübergehend sein Angebot. In light of these current developments, it may be the case that your instructors might have to change the presence-based components of their teaching offerings again – by moving them online, cancelling on-site meetings, or reducing the number of in-person interactions. Some student work spaces are again available in the university, and the university library and central services are gradually expanding their opening hours and offerings.

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